Love one Another! Don’t Be Racist! 🙂 Save the Date! March 23/24th will be our next show in Vancouver at the Revue Stage


We foresee a show in your future….

CleopatraDisturbers of shit. disassemblers. heart-shakers. hand-holders. cliff-pushers. teasing it out. tweezing it out. easing it out…

Disassembly: the act of taking something apart
a “Show Don’t Tell”
Friday June 2nd & Saturday June 3rd
at the DustyFlower Shop (2050 Scotia St, Vancouver)
doors 7:30 (relax, come early, have a drink with us)
8:00 performances/quirks in process

Tickets 12$ in advance>>>


Come see some bonafide weirdos stepping through the fire!
Ritual absurdity, inner worlds exposed, outer worlds superimposed! Our sensitive work posing, reposing, and decomposing.
Not your average archetypical happening by any means.
Not for the faint of ART!
Rated A+ for Adults only

presence & play (and all shades in between) from some of your favourite local clown-esque creatures:::

Cat Main
Emma Garrod
Jamuna Galay-Tamang
Jessica Gabriel
Kate Bateman
Katheryn Petersen
Lisa Voth
Madeline Terbasket
Marcela Grillo
Naomi Steinberg
Sharon Bayly

We are a playful & lofty collective of process-oriented, performance-driven, self-identifying women clowns. Currently based in Vancouver B.C.

in joy

facebook event>>>


back at it

12274669_10156315107740014_1160407399887865138_n our recent show “InYOurMYspaceJUNK” was a SOLDOUT success!!!

Audience thoughts:::

“I laughed until I cried my contact lens out.” -jenny ritter

“We want more!! -candy roberts

“Incredible show! Great Laughs. Next time do two or three…You’re so great for this town.” -aaron malkin


ok! ok! MARK YOUR CALANDARS! our next show will be Saturday April 2nd at The Revue Stage on Granville Island… ouuuu ahhhhhh

until then . . .


introducing…our lil place on the world wide web!

So we are three shows in and 1 year and almost 10 months old.

We have existed this entire time without a spot on the world wide web.

Shock! Gasp!


We are about to start rehearsal for our FOURTH show.

Fourth week of November!



We are reaching deep, puking it up, getting naked, running around, making noises and punching in the entry code for the security box in the studio we’ll be using and trying not to set off the alarm.

Love to you all… we have so loved this…and hated this…and loved this again.