Next Show

Dis-Assembly : “Show Don’t Tell”
Friday June 2nd & Saturday 3rd
at the DustyFlower Shop
doors 7:30 (relax, have a drink with us)
8:00 performances/quirks in process

Tickets 12$ in advance >>>
note: the venue is small, so you’d best get your tickets early to guarantee time in space with us

link to the event on facebook>>>

Disturbers of shit. disassemblers. heart-shakers. hand-holders. cliff-pushers. teasing it out. tweezing it out. easing it out…

Disassembly: the act of taking something apart
Come see some bonafide weirdos stepping into the fire!
Ritual absurdity, inner worlds exposed, outer worlds superimposed!
Not for the faint of ART
Rated A+ for Adults only

Presence and Play from some local (not your stereotypical) clown creatures:::

Cat Main
Emma Garrod
Jamuna Galay-Tamang
Jessica Gabriel
Kate Bateman
Katheryn Petersen
Lisa Voth
Madeline Terbasket
Marcela Grillo
Naomi Steinberg
Sharon Bayly

in joy

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